Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Judson Phillips, Tea Partier Extraordinaire

     Like many of my contemporaries, I've struggled with identity issues from time to time.  Now, thanks to the Tea Party Nation's one and only Judson Phillips, any questions I may have had have been resolved, once and for all.
     This weekend, while campaigning in Wisconsin for one of the Republican state senators facing a special recall election, Mr. Phillips spoke these words:
     "I will tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I detest and despise everything the left stands for.  How anybody can endorse and embrace an ideology that has killed a billion people in the last century is beyond me."
     So there you have it, spelled out clearly for all to behold.  I am, quite simply, a mass murderer... guilty of genocide.  Thank you, Mr. Phillips, I will cherish this knowledge forever.  Heck, I may even chisel these words onto stone tablets, since you certainly possess the moral authority of the ancient prophets.  Don't you?
1)  You who states that only landowners should have the right to vote.  Wrong.
2)  You who referred to those protesting against Gov. Scott Walker's policies (and thereby exercising their rights to free speech and assembly) as "Nazi storm troopers".  Wrong.
3)  You who immediately labelled Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' would-be assasin as a "leftist lunatic".  Wrong.
4)  You who endorse openly carrying weapons at political rallies.  Wrong, and see #3 above for potential consequences.
5)  You who openly admit to religious intolerance ("I have a real problem with Islam") and deem a congressional candidate "unfit" because he's a Muslim (Keith Ellison in Minnesota's 5th Congressional District).  Wrong.
     Thank you, Mr. Phillips, for contributing nothing of substance or value to the national discourse and for making me prouder than ever to be a liberal.

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