Friday, April 27, 2012

Rielle Has More Secrets?

One can only speculate as to why it is Rielle Hunter apparently asked the judge in the John Edwards campaign finance trial to keep some of the trial exhibits secret.  The order issued on Thursday by Judge Catherine Eagles doesn't reveal what exactly Hunter is trying to keep under wraps.
After recent legal proceedings surrounding the sex tape the two love birds made together, one would think they’ve run out of things to be publicly embarrassed about. So, whatever it is Rielle would like to see suppressed must be quite the item!
Perhaps it’s a tape of her salacious romp with Barney, Kermit, and the other stuffed buddies on the bed with her during her infamous (and oh so classy) GQ photo spread.
It’s my understanding that Barney has yet to fully recover, despite extensive counseling.
It’s impossible to feel anything but sympathy for baby Quinn. As if Mommie isn’t bad enough, then there’s Daddy. He’s a man without moral character who first cheats on his dying wife, then tries to cover it up by taking $750,000 from a 97 year old admirer (who no doubt believed she was making legitimate campaign contributions) and employing it in an elaborate “keep the mistress hidden and quiet scheme”. Once again, I only feel sympathy for baby Quinn. Can you spell t-h-e-r-a-p-y?  God bless you, Elizabeth...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shocker: John Edwards Accepts No Blame!

     I suppose one shouldn't be surprised that the key message emanating from the John Edwards defense team is that former aide Andrew Young is to blame for any violations of the law that may have taken place in the Rielle Hunter affair and baby fiasco during and after the aborted 2008 Edwards presidential campaign.  The lawyers want us to know that while their tarnished ex-golden boy client may be a poor excuse for a human being, we should apparently conclude he's no lawbreaker.
     It remains disappointing, to say the least, that John Edwards will never take responsibility for his actions.  Granted, Andrew Young is no saint, but it appears as though John and Rielle will never acknowledge, much less apologize for, the ongoing humiliation and embarrassment they inflicted on Elizabeth until her final breath.  Their actions were nothing short of despicable, but now the question becomes, were they legal?
     Fred Baron served as the Edwards campaign finance chairman, and he maintained shortly before his death in late October, 2008 that he had provided financial assistance to Rielle Hunter and Andrew Young without Edwards' knowledge or direction.  It's highly questionable the same can be said regarding  money given by then 97 year old Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, with whom Edwards met privately on several occasions.  Beginning in May of 2007, Mellon provided more than $725,000 to John Edwards over the course of an eight month period.  Check notes obscurely referred to "chairs", "bookcases", and an"antique Charleston table".  The FBI interviewed Mellon on two occasions in 2010 as they believed these funds were used to secretly support Hunter during her preganancy and subsequently following the birth or her illicit child with Edwards.  Mellon's son and three grandsons appeared before a grand jury in December of 2010, and Edwards was indicted in June of 2011 for using campaign funds to help cover-up an affair and pregnancy during the 2008 presidential campaign.  One week prior to this indictment Edwards met privately with Mellon.  As she is now considered to be a potential witness, the judge has forbidden Edwards from meeting her again.
     Taking into account these unusual financial ties, it's hard to imagine John Edwards didn't completely control the money flow.  Likewise, it's impossible to believe that someone as reportedly unstable and media hungry as Rielle would allow herself to be silenced and willingly go along with a cover up of this nature unless she believed her "Johnny" was at the helm.
     I'm sure that those of us who once believed in John Edwards and what he professed to stand for now believe to the depth of our souls that he not only knew about but actually conceived of this entire misappropriation of campaign funds... anything to hide the truth. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure?

I don't buy it, not for a minute.  I think it's clear that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is once again up to her old tricks.  Hillary recognized the threat that a journalist as intrepid and insightful as Andrew Breitbart would likely pose to her 2016 presidential bid.  Quite simply, he had to be silenced.
Remember how effectively Hillary eliminated Vince Foster?  Ron Brown?  There was minimal media
attention paid, and certainly no legal ramifications.  Thank God we had conservative voices of reason pointing us to these truths!
Next on Hillary's list was Jim McDougal.  This remains one of the great mysteries of our time--how exactly did the (then) First Lady slip inside Mr. McDougal's Texas prison cell (in solitary confinement no less) and force him to ingest the diuretics that she knew full well would cause a massive heart attack just days before McDougal was scheduled to testify before Kenneth Starr's Whitewater Inquisition, er, Grand Jury?
Yet this was nothing compared to Hillary's post-White House days when as New York's junior Senator she arranged with the 9/11 hijackers to crash the flight carrying one Barbara Olson into the Pentagon.  Ms. Olson, of course, had written a highly critical book, "Hell to Pay:  The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton".  It's obvious the entire operation had Hillary's fingerprints all over it.
Now this.  Although Mr. Breitbart hadn't yet singled out Hillary for one of his highly ethical and well-researched pieces, she could see the writing on the wall.
The question needs to be asked:  where was Hillary on the night of March 1, 2012?  America wants to know...

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mitt & Ann Romney's Dog Days Continue

It's clear the Romney campaign is petrified by the ongoing fallout they've been experiencing as a result of Mitt and Ann's inexcusable mistreatment/abuse of Seamus the Irish Setter.
The fact that they've tried to divert attention away from themselves and onto the President by citing a passage from his 2004 autobiography "Dreams of My Father" (in which he described assorted items he was fed as a young child in Indonesia) smacks of nothing but desperation.
They can't honestly believe the American people won't recognize the difference between the unfortunate sampling of snake, dog, and grasshopper ("meat") given to a six or seven year old child in a foreign land and the willful mistreatment of an allegedly "beloved" family pet by two adults who certainly ought to know better.  Mitt and Ann stand before us naked:  revealed as disingenuous and out of touch.
Rather than deny, obfuscate, or engage in re-writing history ("Seamus loved riding up there; he only had that diarrhea because he'd eaten some bad turkey"), they should both simply apologize.  It's clearly too late for Seamus, but I would imagine the animal welfare/rights community--as well as all of us who've cherished sprecial animal companions in our lives--would appreciate it.
And, if the Romneys still feel the need to crate some form of life on the top of one of their vehicles, I would ask them to consider Ted Nugent... provided the Secret Service is done with him.