Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew Breitbart Died of Heart Failure?

I don't buy it, not for a minute.  I think it's clear that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is once again up to her old tricks.  Hillary recognized the threat that a journalist as intrepid and insightful as Andrew Breitbart would likely pose to her 2016 presidential bid.  Quite simply, he had to be silenced.
Remember how effectively Hillary eliminated Vince Foster?  Ron Brown?  There was minimal media
attention paid, and certainly no legal ramifications.  Thank God we had conservative voices of reason pointing us to these truths!
Next on Hillary's list was Jim McDougal.  This remains one of the great mysteries of our time--how exactly did the (then) First Lady slip inside Mr. McDougal's Texas prison cell (in solitary confinement no less) and force him to ingest the diuretics that she knew full well would cause a massive heart attack just days before McDougal was scheduled to testify before Kenneth Starr's Whitewater Inquisition, er, Grand Jury?
Yet this was nothing compared to Hillary's post-White House days when as New York's junior Senator she arranged with the 9/11 hijackers to crash the flight carrying one Barbara Olson into the Pentagon.  Ms. Olson, of course, had written a highly critical book, "Hell to Pay:  The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton".  It's obvious the entire operation had Hillary's fingerprints all over it.
Now this.  Although Mr. Breitbart hadn't yet singled out Hillary for one of his highly ethical and well-researched pieces, she could see the writing on the wall.
The question needs to be asked:  where was Hillary on the night of March 1, 2012?  America wants to know...

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