Friday, April 27, 2012

Rielle Has More Secrets?

One can only speculate as to why it is Rielle Hunter apparently asked the judge in the John Edwards campaign finance trial to keep some of the trial exhibits secret.  The order issued on Thursday by Judge Catherine Eagles doesn't reveal what exactly Hunter is trying to keep under wraps.
After recent legal proceedings surrounding the sex tape the two love birds made together, one would think they’ve run out of things to be publicly embarrassed about. So, whatever it is Rielle would like to see suppressed must be quite the item!
Perhaps it’s a tape of her salacious romp with Barney, Kermit, and the other stuffed buddies on the bed with her during her infamous (and oh so classy) GQ photo spread.
It’s my understanding that Barney has yet to fully recover, despite extensive counseling.
It’s impossible to feel anything but sympathy for baby Quinn. As if Mommie isn’t bad enough, then there’s Daddy. He’s a man without moral character who first cheats on his dying wife, then tries to cover it up by taking $750,000 from a 97 year old admirer (who no doubt believed she was making legitimate campaign contributions) and employing it in an elaborate “keep the mistress hidden and quiet scheme”. Once again, I only feel sympathy for baby Quinn. Can you spell t-h-e-r-a-p-y?  God bless you, Elizabeth...

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