Friday, April 20, 2012

Mitt & Ann Romney's Dog Days Continue

It's clear the Romney campaign is petrified by the ongoing fallout they've been experiencing as a result of Mitt and Ann's inexcusable mistreatment/abuse of Seamus the Irish Setter.
The fact that they've tried to divert attention away from themselves and onto the President by citing a passage from his 2004 autobiography "Dreams of My Father" (in which he described assorted items he was fed as a young child in Indonesia) smacks of nothing but desperation.
They can't honestly believe the American people won't recognize the difference between the unfortunate sampling of snake, dog, and grasshopper ("meat") given to a six or seven year old child in a foreign land and the willful mistreatment of an allegedly "beloved" family pet by two adults who certainly ought to know better.  Mitt and Ann stand before us naked:  revealed as disingenuous and out of touch.
Rather than deny, obfuscate, or engage in re-writing history ("Seamus loved riding up there; he only had that diarrhea because he'd eaten some bad turkey"), they should both simply apologize.  It's clearly too late for Seamus, but I would imagine the animal welfare/rights community--as well as all of us who've cherished sprecial animal companions in our lives--would appreciate it.
And, if the Romneys still feel the need to crate some form of life on the top of one of their vehicles, I would ask them to consider Ted Nugent... provided the Secret Service is done with him.

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