Thursday, June 22, 2017

Donald Trump? Bubonic Plague?

If one were to adhere to the journalistic standards set by Breitbart & InfoWars, I’d be willing to bet that it’s possible to equate Donald Trump with the Bubonic Plague, and, after reporting a few facts which are then skillfully wrapped in baseless innuendo and repetition, create the distinct impression that the two are related and/or synonymous.  Let me state right up front that the Bubonic Plague is sometimes referred to as “Black Death”.  Given Trump’s racism, use of that term here would be far too easy, not to mention potentially incendiary.  Instead, let us focus on the facts.

The Bubonic Plague is a bacterial infection that is spread through the air from person to person, or through the bite of infected fleas from small (Donald Trump) animals.  Historically, outbreaks of Bubonic Plague were not limited to any one nation--it spread rapidly across borders (Donald Trump) making a mockery of any so-called natural barriers such as rivers and oceans, or man-made barriers such as walls (Donald Trump).
Some people dealt with their terror and uncertainty by lashing out at their neighbors (see “Trump campaign”, 2016), while others coped by turning inward and seeking to strike a bargain with God--and turning to flagellation.
In the 14th century, it was estimated that the Plague killed an estimated 50 million people--25-60% of the European population.  This devastation of the working population perversely produced an increase in wages.  In their attempt to devastate health care for working people, (Trumpcare) the Republicans are seeking to replicate what they see as a viable economic formula.  Survival of the fittest, as long as it’s them!
The Bubonic Plague is an infection of the lymphatic system that causes chills (Donald Trump), seizures (Donald Trump), general malaise (Donald Trump), high fevers (Donald Trump), muscle cramps, lymph gland swelling, and gangrene (Kellyanne Conway--bonus points).
It is not responsive to vaccines (Donald Trump) as preventative treatment; however numerous antibiotics that have been developed are highly effective.
Finally, and in true Trumpian/InfoWars/Breitbart journalistic fashion, let me report that there is allegedly a 14th century Sicilian lithograph depicting the arrival of members of the Drumpf (Trump’s real name) family arriving in the port of Messina in October of 1347 on one of 12 Genoese ships widely thought to have introduced the Plague into Europe.

There you are, the Drumpfs (Trumps) and the Bubonic Plague...inextricably linked by fine right-wing journalism!   


  1. ���� I can't wait for the plague to be eradicated.

  2. ���� I can't wait for the plague to be eradicated.