Thursday, July 14, 2011

Abandon City

"Abandon City" was a song recorded by Todd Rundgren & Utopia in 1977. It describes an overwhelming urban chaos and the desire to escape it ("everybody over the side"). The state of mind engendered by that song is one I'm occasionally very familiar with when it comes to politics in these "United "States. The anger and divisiveness of the political discourse leads to paralysis, and eventually apathy in my case. I feel an overwhelming sense that "no one really listens to one another", so "what's the point?". Then, of course, things only get worse out there!

So, while still attempting to remain as level-headed and even-handed as one can reasonably expect, it feels as though it's time to resume my own end of the ongoing national dialogue. We all have a part in that dialogue, whether we choose to participate or not. Each of us has a voice, and I'll use this forum as a way of exercising mine--even if no one else will ever read it! Much like jotting down the "pros" and "cons" of a given situation, this is my opportunity to look at the facts, make a point, or simply vent.

I suspect it's time for me to focus on a different Rundgren lyric: "somehow, someday, give us just one victory and we're on our way".

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