Saturday, July 23, 2011

John Boehner's True Colors

True colors.  That's what John Boehner has been so clearly revealing these past few days.  It's a complicated pallet, to say the least.  For example, which color would one choose to illustrate his complete aquiescence to big business interests and the wealthy elite?  On the other hand, yellow stripes seem to be the popular choice to represent cowardice; Boehner has repeatedly demonstrated political cowardice in dealing with the big, bad, and uncompromisingly crazy Tea Party caucus in the House of Representatives.  Perhaps a blank canvas best captures his vascillation and indecision; one minute he's thinking he might possibly owe something to the country that's given him everything, the next he's paralyzed by the inability to decide to stand up to the aforementioned TP.  Then there's duplicity.  First he feigns good will and the appearance of being willing to negotiate seriously with the President, then he abruptly turns and walks away when he hears the distant siren calls of Eric Cantor, Rush Limbaugh, and countless other reckless practitioners of demagoguery.  This duplicity would best be captured by weak yet contrasting tones.  Finally, egoism.  What ultimately matters to Boehner is what's best for our perfectly tanned and impeccably well-groomed Boehner.  Nothing else matters in the end.  Color branding once again brings us back to yellow to represent egoism.
John Boehner still has the opportunity to step up to the plate and show us heroic colors.  Stand with the policeman, not the big oil boss; with the nurse, not the millionaire hedge fund operator; with the teacher, not the billionaire bankers.  Keep it simple, Mr. Speaker, all that's required is for you to support closing existing tax loopholes, raise the corporate tax rate to a reasonable level, and bring the troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan ("mission accomplished").  Please do what's right and choose new colors, Mr. Boehner.  Carefully.

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