Sunday, May 8, 2016

Name the Donald

Donald Trump is notorious for many things. Among them is his childish and annoying need to try and assign a nickname to his many political opponents. We're all familiar with (and sick to death of hearing) "Lyin' Ted". Before that, when Trump was engaged in a size-of-penis war with Marco Rubio (a new low in American politics, I might add), we heard "Little Marco". Most of his Republican opponents escaped an actual nickname, but suffered a barrage of personal insults instead. Jasmine C. Lee and Kevin Quealy have compiled an interesting list (210) of the people, places, and things Trump has insulted on Twitter. If you're ever feeling insecure about your writing skills, or command of the English language, you might want to check it out--you'll walk away feeling so much better about yourself.
Lately, of course, Donnie is trying to develop a nickname for Hillary Clinton. He started out with "Crooked Hillary", but seems to have had second thoughts since he began trying out "Corrupt Hillary" instead.
I'd like to suggest that while he works overtime on solving that dilemma (as opposed to taking the time to learn about foreign or domestic policy), we ought to return the favor. Donald shouldn't be left out in the cold without a nickname of his own. Elizabeth Warren recently summed him up on Twitter ("weak"), but we need to give him something that reflects his persona: big, boorish, stupid.
I'm hoping people will help me out with this... let's have some fun!
"Trumpus Rumpus" seems a little silly...
"Deplorable Donald" has promise...
"vulgar" is too soft, "sleazy" is on the money, but it needs to be a catch phrase.
Come on people, he's given us so much to work with. Let's hear those names!

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