Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trump-George Zimmerman 2016

The world must really wonder what the hell is going on in the United States of America. In the past few years we've embarrassed ourselves in multiple ways, and God knows we're continuing to do so on a daily basis. I'm reading headlines about Sheldon Adelson vowing to spend $100 million dollars to fund the "self-funding" Donald Trump's presidential campaign. It's billionaire to billionaire and racist to racist (check out Adelson's comments about Palestinians). This news accompanies a New York Times report on Donald Trump's decades-long history of inappropriate behavior toward women. A "rich" history of lewd and unwelcome advances... And yet, as a result of the hijacking and disemboweling of the old Republican party, this lunatic will be nominated for president.
Given the general insanity, I suppose it's entirely appropriate to see George Zimmerman back in the news. This thug who shot Trayvon Martin on 2/26/2012, and escaped justice on 7/13/2013 (when he was somehow acquitted of second degree murder)actually has the cojones to try and auction off the gun he used to commit the killing. Get this: he pledged that a portion of the sale (initial bid was $5,000)would be used to fight Black Lives Matter "violence" directed against law enforcement officers and to counter "Hillary Clinton's anti-firearms rhetoric". Disgusting... on so many levels. Trayvon Martin's family must feel as though this cretin is dancing on their son's grave. For George Zimmerman to have the audacity to talk about violence is astounding. One look at his lengthy arrest record--dating back to 2005--and it's obvious that this man should never have been allowed to own a weapon. A domestic violence arrest in 2005, plus another arrest that year for shoving and threatening an undercover alcohol control agent. After shooting Trayvon in 2013, he lied about his assets during bail hearings, but that was just the beginning. 9/9/2013 he threatened his estranged wife and her father with a gun (and punched the father in the face). 11/18/2013 he pointed a shotgun at a girlfriend and began destroying her possessions. 1/9/2015 he proved he didn't need a gun when he was arrested for aggravated assault for throwing a wine bottle at another girlfriend.
It makes perfect sense, in a perverse way, that George Zimmerman would crawl out from under his rock in the era of Donald Trump. I'd be willing to bet there are more than a few in that crowd who view him as some sort of persecuted hero, On the plus side, his "auction" has been subverted by numerous internet Gods and Goddesses who've pushed the winning bid up to $65 million last I checked. (Thank you "Racist McShootface" and others).
Don't give up on us yet... maybe Trump can be stopped and we can live up to our ideals and be our better selves. In the meantime, it would seem fitting that Trump capture this unique and deeply disturbing moment in our history by choosing George Zimmerman--the poster boy for Trumpism--as his running mate.

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